Here are some helpful tips we’ve learned by
observing other events:


•  Even if it isn’t sunny, wear sun block – you WILL get sun burned – and in the strangest places – eyelids, tips of ears, backs of necks – anywhere the mud hasn’t hit you (and around all of the spots that the mud has!)


If the kids are going to play in the kid pit, bring goggles.


•  Dress appropriately – the mud is watery and cold! We highly recommend layers!


•  If it is going to rain, consider purchasing throwaway rain slickers or using a garbage bag. Cover your head with something too! Sorry if we sound like your mother!


•  Duct tape is essential! If you don’t want to give everyone a free show during Jonesboro Mud Ball or lose any footwear.


•  Duct taping your pants to your skin – we are serious, friend!


 •  Lining your shoes with layers of plastic grocery bags and then duct taping over that. It will keep your shoes on and hopefully dry the entire time.


 •  If you have to bring your house keys/car keys/etc. enclose them in duct tape and adhere to a safe part of your body where you know they will not Jonesboro off in the mud.


 •  Remember, shoes MUST be worn at ALL TIMES in the mud pit. It’s for your own safety…you don’t know what’s in there!


•  Bring a good pair of scissors to get yourself out of the duct tape when you are done. Please don’t use a knife on the duct tape – we’re supporting St. Bernards, but not by sending people to their emergency room.


 •  Wear two layers of clothes -- both that you don’t mind throwing out after playing (IN THE DUMPSTERS AND SURROUNDING GARBAGE CANS PLEASE)


a. The Sheepherders wear a layer of dry clothes, then layer themselves entirely with garbage bags as their second layer.


b. Poached Trout wears a layer of “walk away” clothes, followed by a layer of garbage bags over their entire body, followed by a costume – bridal dresses, clothes from the Salvation Army, Pirates, Gorillas costumes– they’ve dressed as everything. When they are done, they tear off the top layers, toss them into the dumpster and they walk away dry and without much mud on them.


 •  The socks and shoes you wear will likely be in the dumpster in the end as well or to be used for your next Jonesboro Mud Ball experience. Don’t wear your brand new Air Jordans.


 •  If you know it is going to be cold, consider waterproof gloves – they will keep you warm.


•  Garbage can liners are your Jonesboro Mud Ball friend!


•  If you drove to the event, bring extra garbage can liners and put them on your car seats to keep your car clean when you drive away.


 •  Use garbage can liners to put your dirty or clean clothes in – anything you want to save.


 •  Use garbage can liners to keep warm or to protect you from the elements.


 •  Be sure you get muddy, it's fun!



Photo Credits to: Susan Smith Photography, Mor Media, Amy Reeves Photography and Danita Martin Morley