Please Read the Rules The tournament format is double-elimination - best of three; once a team looses they are done. The winning team advances and must also refer to the scoreboard in order to determine the time of the next game. • Costumes are encouraged for teams as long as they are deemed "family friendly". The ultimate decision lies with the referees if you have a question, please ask before hand. • At least 6 players must play on each team at all times. • All games are first to reach 25 points with a brief transition time in between each game. Third game being sudden death to 15 (if needed). • Teams forfeit if they are 5 minutes late and the opposing team receives an automatic bye to the next round. (this does not apply to teams still playing a round) Children (14-18) playing on a team must have at least 2 adults on that team, and the adults are responsible for the actions of that team. • Scoring is awarded on a rally point system, meaning any team can score a point no matter who is serving. Each team must rotate following the opponent’s loss of serve. Maximum of 3 hits before the volleyball goes over the net. (Blocks do not count as hits) Teams must win by 2 points. *teams must be co-ed and have at least one player of each sex on the field at all times. • If a serve hits the net and goes OVER without being touched, the serve is considered in play (“Let Rule”). • Shoes MUST be worn at all times. Players without shoes will be ordered off the court and not permitted to play until they are wearing shoes. No cleats or open toed shoes will be permitted. • Remember Referees are always right. Teams that do not cooperate will be disqualified. • For everyone’s safety and to avoid annoying others – please don’t drink alcohol or bring any with you – undercover security will be on patrol all day at Jonesboro Mud Ball and we will disqualify you and your team if we know you’ve been drinking. • Please bring as little with you as possible --- we have no place to keep backpacks, wallets, cameras and things like that. Lock items in your car to avoid any risk. • Show respect for the event by helping to keep it clean! Please do not drop your muddy items or garbage on the ground or leave them in the parking lots. We have garbage cans and dumpsters everywhere. Be smart. Throw your trash out please. Chris Hicks has been our head referee since conception. He's a no-nonsence guy who loves helping the kids at St. Bernard's. If you have any questions regarding these games or the rules, please reach out to him at

Photo Credits to: Susan Smith Photography, Mor Media, Amy Reeves Photography and Danita Martin Morley